I must clean clean clean clean everything!

I must clean clean clean clean everything!

I must clean it! I must clean it!

When the doors are open I can't scream!


When the others are sleeping

I get bored and start weeping

Scratch, shout and destroy it

and everybody loves me so it's fine


I need my meat

pure and fresh

and when there's none 

I will get stressed

I'm still so hungry craving for more

Because without it, I feel poor


Every animal has to die

so I can eat - now you know why!

I'm so angry I want to go out

better let them know - so I will shout!


I'm quite picky with my stuff

Always the same? I have enough!

Eat your shit alone for yourselves

I'm going out and kill some birds


When there's something in my way

I push it down - so it can't stay

And if someone gets annoyed

I act like nothing happened


I'm so old can't hold my breath

but I live on because I'm no guest

And I don't want to loose my realm

So all is mine? Am I right?!

© LEVIATH, 2023.


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